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  • 66CR109: Swarovski Orchid Jet 20mm - 1 Piece

66CR109: Swarovski Orchid Jet 20mm - 1 Piece

1 – 1$9.70
2 – 2$9.10
3 +$8.70
SKU: 66CR109
SWAROVSKI Orchid Pendant (art. 6906)
Sunrise beheld in the blush of an orchid's blossom.
The FANTASTIC FLOWER Pendants were created in collaboration with the well known Paris designer Andree Putman. The FANTASTIC FLOWER range consists of highly differentiated couture statement pieces. Natural elements are transformed into beautiful crystal designs. Their unique and sophisticated cut underlies the organic appeal of the shapes.
Transform your fashions from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY with SWAROVSKI. SWAROVSKI crystals have dominated the glass crystal industry for over a century. Their crystals reign supreme in precision, quality, variety, and style. If you want your designs to sparkle with unparalleled sophistication and distinction choose SWAROVSKI.