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  • TC0444-WB: TierraCast Heishi 8mm Disk White Bronze - 10 Pieces

TC0444-WB: TierraCast Heishi 8mm Disk White Bronze - 10 Pieces

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TierraCast's all new alternative to their now discontinued Rhodium plate. White Bronze Finish exceeds our wildest hopes.
Here is how it compares: 

  • Less expensive than Rhodium
  • Tarnish resistant and durable Ð actually, wear tests showed that the White Bronze plate wore equal to our Rhodium plate.
  • Looks virtually the same so can be used side by side with Rhodium Ð We conducted blind tests and could not detect any visible difference between the two finishes.
  • As with Rhodium, this finish does not currently pass the EU Nickel wear standards.

What is White Bronze?
White Bronze is not really bronze. It is a tri-metal alloy of tin, copper and zinc. Initially the chemical plating processes of white bronze were difficult to control, but over the past two decades techniques have improved and white bronze has become a consistent, high performing and economically attractive alloy option. 

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