Beading Needles

Find just the right beading needle to suit all your beady needs! Use Tulip Brand, Colonial Needle and John James English Beading Needles for stitching seed beads, the size of the needle should match the size of your seed bead- Needle Size #8 for Seed Bead Size 08/0, Needle Size #13 for Seed Bead Size 13/0 etc. Use collapsable eye twisted wire needles for gemstone and pearl knotting, the collapsible eye holds your cord securely as you pass it through the beads. You’ll also discover Beadalon® Elastic Cord Needles & Big Eye Needles, needles for leather work, bead embroidery, bead looming, golden eye needles, plus so much more! If you have difficulty threading your small eyed beading needles, you can try using a needle threader or you can try this simple trick: Loop a very fine thread like size "OO" or "A" around your chosen stringing material to lead the thicker material through the eye!

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