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  • 99ST492-A: Tourmaline Chips A Grade 33 Inch - - 1 String

99ST492-A: Tourmaline Chips A Grade 33 Inch - - 1 String

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You can almost taste the rainbow in a strand of these vibrant candy colored gemstones (please do not taste the beads). Tourmaline comes in a wide variety of bold colors ranging from bubblegum pinks, lemony yellows, earthy browns and emerald greens. Individual tourmaline crystals rarely come in one solid color, most show various shades of a color or even entirely different colors. This stone possesses the interesting trait of becoming electrically charged when heated or rubbed. It will attract dust and hairs. The Dutch once used this heated stone to clean their tobacco pipes, and called the stone "ashentrekker" (ash puller). This trait means that tourmaline requires gentle soap and water cleaning more often than most gemstones. Do not use an ultrasonic cleaner for this gemstone.