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BK897-1: Vintaj Jewelry Technique Book - Book

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Title: Vintaj Jewelry Technique Book
Publisher: Vintaj Natural Brass Company, 2010
24 unique techniques that will bring your designs to new heights!
Open the doorway to inspiration Clear off your design space, prepare your tools and pull out your Vintaj findings. In the pages of this technique book you will learn how to wrap, link, cluster, texture, rivet, stamp, ink, paint, emboss, collage, and much more!
Explore your creativity and combine it with our techniques to add character to your designs. Find your inspiration with Vintaj in 24 beautifully photographed step-by-step techniques and projects including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and rings.
Bend, twist and twirl to create something truly unique. Form your own filigree bales, get creative with basic findings, stamp, ink, dap, imprint, texture and rivet altered blanks. Collage with bezels to make your own mini works of art and manipulate vocals in unexpected ways. The possibilities are endless. Join us on this creative journey and see where it takes your designs!
Skill Level: ALL
34 pages
9x9 inch.
Vintaj Natural Brass Company
United States