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  • MS41: Wire Chain Drawplate Set 1.5-14.5mm Hole - 1 Each

MS41: Wire Chain Drawplate Set 1.5-14.5mm Hole - 1 Each


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The BEADSMITH 2 Piece Wire Chain Drawplate Set Use to work-harden, smooth, and condense Viking Knitted, Crocheted, Woven or Braided Wire. Works for gold, silver, copper, and permanently colored copper wire. Will not scratch your wire! Holes range in diameter from 1.5 to 14.5mm 33 Holes sizes all together.
What does a drawplate do? Drawing wire chain through a drawplate can simultaneously smooth, shape, condense, work-harden , and lengthen it without damaging the wire finish.
What can it be used with? Use for Viking knitted, crocheted, woven, or braided wire chain made from gold, silver, copper, permanently colored copper wire, and flexible beading wire.
How is it used?
1) Determine which hole most closely matches the current diameter of your chain. Tip:If your chain is much larger than the largest hole, you may want to carefully hand stretch it just until it's only slightly larger
2) Form the starter wire end of your chain into a slightly conical shape and insert it into the selected hole, then grip the end with flat or chain nose pliers.
3) While holding the drawplate in one hand (or a vise), use the pliers to pull the whole chain there the plate in a smooth and steady motion. Repeat as needed to smooth and round your chain.
4) To REDUCE diameter, continue to draw your chain through consecutively smaller holes until you reach the desired size. You may need to draw through each hole repeatedly for optimal results. As the diameter decreases, the length will increase.
Tip: Practice using the drawplate with inexpensive wire before using on sterling or gold filled wire chain.