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Bead Mixtures

Good beads in search of their forever home! They are good beads that deserve a fair chance at life! These beads have never harmed a soul, they're simply the innocent victims of our really really incredibly good looking, yet sometimes over-zealous purchasing department. Please, give these sweet innocent little beads a chance! Bring them home with you so they can finally receive all the love and attention they truly deserve.

Item Details:

Save 65%
India All Mixed Up Dark Topaz Silver Foil
Picture of 56VE525-SL, India All Mixed Up Dark Topaz Silver Foil

50 GM $0.98 ($0.02 per GM) was $2.79

100 GM $1.49 ($0.01 per GM) was $4.25

500 GM $6.00 ($0.01 per GM) was $17.15

1000 GM $11.53 ($0.01 per GM) was $32.95


Shape: Bead Mixtures
Size: Glass Mixtures
Color: Browns/Tans/Golds
Finish: Silver Foil
Material: Glass
Made in: ovr080118
Description: Glass bead mixtures from India often appear to be dusty. This dusty grey material is called 'kiln wash' or 'slip' and is used to help the bead release from the wire upon which it was formed. Simply rinse your beads off in the sink or wipe off with a piece of cloth to remove the slip.
Showroom Aisle: 7
Showroom Section: T

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