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Good beads in search of their forever home! They are good beads that deserve a fair chance at life! These beads have never harmed a soul, they're simply the innocent victims of our really really incredibly good looking, yet sometimes over-zealous purchasing department. Please, give these sweet innocent little beads a chance! Bring them home with you so they can finally receive all the love and attention they truly deserve.

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Limited Czech Faceted Drop Mix 7x9mm
Picture of 44FC999-J, Limited Czech Faceted Drop Mix 7x9mm

25 PC $0.74 ($0.03 per PC) was $1.49

50 PC $1.27 ($0.03 per PC) was $2.55

200 PC $4.35 ($0.02 per PC) was $8.70

600 PC $12.20 ($0.02 per PC) was $24.40


Shape: Drop Mixtures
Size: 07x09mm
Material: Glass
Manufacturer: Preciosa Traditional Czech Beads
Made in: OVROCT
Description: As a primary distributor of Preciosa Ornela traditional Czech beads, we are able to offer our customers the World's Largest Selection of Fire Polished Beads at the World's hottest prices! Heat up your fashions with a nearly limitless combination of shapes, colors, sizes and finishes. Preciosa Ornela produces these heat polished faceted beads to meet the highest quality and consistency standards. The fire used to create these sparkling little treasures seems to radiate from within the bead itself. These shimmering beads sparkle just like leaded crystal, at just a fraction of the price!
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Showroom Section: P

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