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Rhiocite AKA Rhyodacite

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Save 65%
Rhyodacite S Curve Rectangle 17x30mm
Picture of 69ST474-S, Rhyodacite S Curve Rectangle 17x30mm

13 PC $3.94 ($0.30 per PC) was $11.25

26 PC $7.49 ($0.29 per PC) was $21.40

39 PC $10.62 ($0.27 per PC) was $30.35

65 PC $16.22 ($0.25 per PC) was $46.35


Shape: Rhiocite AKA Rhyodacite
Size: Rectangles
Finish: 17x30mm
Material: Rhyodacite AKA Rhiocite
Made in: China
Description: Quite new to the gemstone market, Rhyodacite AKA Rhiocite is certain to explode in popularity. This unique and fascinating high silica volcanic rock is an enticing mosaic of warm earth tones and shockingly opalescent inclusions. The stone's most prominent colors are dusty rose, and deep mossy greenish brown, with ghostly luminous blue splotches similar in appearance to moonstone. This stone becomes more and more beautiful the longer you examine it, and is certain to incite envy from all who see you wearing it!
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