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Myths Legends and Fairy Tales

Good beads in search of their forever home! They are good beads that deserve a fair chance at life! These beads have never harmed a soul, they're simply the innocent victims of our really really incredibly good looking, yet sometimes over-zealous purchasing department. Please, give these sweet innocent little beads a chance! Bring them home with you so they can finally receive all the love and attention they truly deserve.

Item Details:

Save 65%
Charm Sheeple Silver 8x29mm
Picture of PW6068-S, Charm Sheeple Silver 8x29mm

3 PC $1.29 ($0.43 per PC) was $3.70

6 PC $1.96 ($0.33 per PC) was $5.60

18 PC $4.83 ($0.27 per PC) was $13.80


Shape: Myths Legends and Fairy Tales
Size: Sheeple
Color: Silver
Finish: 08x29mm
Material: Pewter
Made in: ovst060118
Showroom Aisle: 10
Showroom Section: M

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