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Assorted Sizes

No matter the size of the hole, we have just the right beading needle to suit your needs! We carry a broad range of beading needle styles and sizes for any beading cord or thread. We've got long and short sharp needles in all your favorite sizes #08 through #15. We also carry twisted wire beading needles, big eye beading needles and even crochet hooks! If you have difficulty threading your small eyed beading needles, you can try using a needle threader or you can try this simple trick: Loop a very fine thread like size "OO" or "A" around your chosen stringing material to lead the thicker material through the eye! Keep track of your beading needles with a needle case!

Item Details:

Needle 3-piece Set For Leather John James
Picture of FI281-L, Needle 3-piece Set For Leather John James

1 PK $8.99 ($8.99 per PK)

2 PK $16.80 ($8.40 per PK)

4 PK $26.90 ($6.72 per PK)

12 PK $72.00 ($6.00 per PK)


Shape: Assorted Sizes
Material: Base Metal
Manufacturer: John James English Needles
Manufacturer # JJ180-37
Description: Best for leather!
John James needles are high quality and one of our most popular beading needle options. Leather Needles are sturdy and have a three sided or triangular point, which reduces abrasion They're great for sewing directly onto natural or synthetic suede or leather. 3 pack ranging in size: 3= 42mm, 5= 39mm, 7= 36mm ensuring the perfect length for most leather craft!
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Showroom Section: C

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