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Wooden Bead Loom Kit

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Czech Bead Loom Kit 4.5x12 Inch
Picture of FI419-CZ, Czech Bead Loom Kit 4.5x12 Inch

1 PC $17.85 ($17.85 per PC)

2 PC $27.85 ($13.93 per PC)

3 PC $33.40 ($11.13 per PC)

4 PC $42.45 ($10.61 per PC)


Shape: Wooden Bead Loom Kit
Material: Wood Frame Glass Beads Nylon Cord
Manufacturer: Preciosa Ornela
Made in: Czech Republic
Description: This high quality wood frame beading loom is easy to assemble and is of solid construction. Perfect for every day use. Simple to assemble wooden frame hobby loom contains 9 wooden frame pieces, Nylon beading thread, beading needle, basic instructions and 5 colors of Preciosa® glass seed beads to get you started! The dowels fit snugly into the end pieces ensuring a high quality long lasting sturdy fit. *Use a mallet to tap the center rods securely into the end pieces. Measures approximately 4.5x12" when fully assembled.
Click here for more fabulous Preciosa® seed beads and also be sure to check out our selection of bead looming books.
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