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Super Solvent Glue Debonder 2oz Bottle
Picture of FI408-SO, Super Solvent Glue Debonder 2oz Bottle

1 EA $11.95 ($11.95 per EA)


Shape: Solvents
Description: Super Solvent is a remarkable debonder and cleaner for any instant glue. Use it for hand clean-up when ever you are manipulating small parts with your fingertips -instant glues make a thin, hard shell when cured on fingertips, reducing one's ability to work skillfully with tiny pieces- or just to get it off at the end of the day. Use Super Solvent to remove instant glue from most clothing and surfaces. Some fabric, colorings or materials may be affected, so test-patch on an inconspicuous place. Super Solvent is not a thinner for instant glue.
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