Beading Tools and Accessories

Beading Tools and Accessories

You just can't get the job done right without the correct tool! You are sure to find the perfect beading tool or accessory for any endeavor. Our tool and accessory selection ranges from indispensable items such as jewelers pliers and wire cutters to glues and etching solutions. Craft elegant wire jewelry designs with our wire wrapping jigs or the most intricate seed bead project with magnification tools and knotting awls or beading looms. Feeling really creative? Create your very own beads, pendants and jewelry with polymer clay and precious metal clay. Wear your jewelry with the pride of knowing that it is a truly unique and one of a kind creation. Store all of your beads, tools and other and jewelry creations with items from our great selection of storage products. Storage items range from beautiful velvet jewelry bags to big utilitarian storage cases!

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Pmc3 Clay 6.3 Gram
Picture of 6PM3, Pmc3 Clay 6.3 Gram

1 PK $22.50 ($22.50 per PK)


Shape: PMC3
Size: 06.3 Gram Package
Material: Fine Silver in Clay
Made in: Japan
Description: Manufactured by Mitsubishi materials, all three types of precious metal clay (PMC) - PMC Standard, PMC +, and PMC 3 consist of precious metal (silver) in powdered form, a non-toxic organic binder (clay) and water. The differences between the 3 types are firing times, firing temperatures, and shrinkage rates. These variances are the result of differences in the particle size of the metal, and the percentages of the binder within the clay.
PMC3 is the newest member of the PMC lineup. PMC3 features similar working characteristics to those of PMC+, but fires at an even lower temperature. With such a low firing temperature, PMC is ideal for use with some natural gemstones, as well as glass, This is the PMC most recommended for use with glass. Also, low firing temperatures means that PMC3 is can be used with more inexpensive kilns, and even butane torches. PMC3 is the most dense, and may crack from time to time.
Fire PMC3 at 1290 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes, 1200 for 20 minutes, and as low as 1110 for 45 minutes.
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Pmc3 Syringe 9 Gram
Picture of 9PM3-S, Pmc3 Syringe 9 Gram

1 PK $29.20 ($29.20 per PK)


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Aisle 1 Section F
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Miyuki Seed Bead Tila Square Two Hole Blue Iris 5mm
Picture of 54SD579, Miyuki Seed Bead Tila Square Two Hole Blue Iris 5mm

10 GM $6.99 ($0.70 per GM)

20 GM $10.25 ($0.51 per GM)

50 GM $21.15 ($0.42 per GM)


Showroom Location
Aisle 11 Section Q
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Brilliant Polishing Cloth Great For Pmc
Picture of PM421, Brilliant Polishing Cloth Great For Pmc

1 EA $4.99 ($4.99 per EA)

2 EA $9.20 ($4.60 per EA)

5 EA $18.40 ($3.68 per EA)


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Aisle 11 Section G
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Charm Sand Castle Antique Gold 20x20mm
Picture of PW9226-AG, Charm Sand Castle Antique Gold 20x20mm

1 PC $3.35 ($3.35 per PC)

2 PC $5.10 ($2.55 per PC)

8 PC $16.75 ($2.09 per PC)


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Aisle 10 Section R
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India Bell Brass 15mm
Picture of BL400-B, India Bell Brass 15mm

25 PC $4.25 ($0.17 per PC)

50 PC $6.45 ($0.13 per PC)

150 PC $15.95 ($0.11 per PC)

500 PC $48.90 ($0.10 per PC)


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Aisle 24 Section V
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Swarovski Rondell Denim Blue 8mm
Picture of 78CR275, Swarovski Rondell Denim Blue 8mm

3 PC $2.50 ($0.83 per PC)

6 PC $4.70 ($0.78 per PC)

18 PC $13.50 ($0.75 per PC)


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Aisle 6 Section E
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