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Cloisonne Donut White 16mm
Picture of 74CL112, Cloisonne Donut White 16mm

2 PC $1.31 ($0.66 per PC) was $1.75

4 PC $2.10 ($0.53 per PC) was $2.80

25 PC $10.46 ($0.42 per PC) was $13.95

75 PC $29.55 ($0.39 per PC) was $39.40


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Shape: Discs Rings and Rondelles
Size: Donuts
Color: Whites
Finish: 16mm
Material: Base Metal and Enamel
Made in: China
Description: Cloisonne beads are created by affixing a metal wire to the base bead to act as a color seperater. A powdered colored glass enamel is then painted between the partitions. After a firing and polishing process, the bead is electroplated in a gold or silver film and a beautiful new bead is born. The art of cloisonne was first developed in the near east. The art form soon spread into China where many production facilities are operated today.
Showroom Aisle: 30
Showroom Section: S

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Cloisonne Donut Red 16mm
Picture of 74CL144, Cloisonne Donut Red 16mm

2 PC $2.17 ($1.09 per PC) was $2.90

5 PC $4.09 ($0.82 per PC) was $5.45

20 PC $13.09 ($0.65 per PC) was $17.45

40 PC $26.21 ($0.66 per PC) was $34.95


Showroom Location
Aisle 30 Section S
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India All Mixed Up Lacquered Metal
Picture of VE525-LQ, India All Mixed Up Lacquered Metal

50 GM $3.52 ($0.07 per GM) was $4.70

100 GM $5.33 ($0.05 per GM) was $7.10

250 GM $10.99 ($0.04 per GM) was $14.65

800 GM $32.17 ($0.04 per GM) was $42.90


Showroom Location
Aisle 9 Section A
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