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Unlike other gems, the pearl is born of water and living creatures. Pearls begin as a foreign body embedded within a mollusk's shell. The animal's defense against the foreign body is to form a protective layer of nacre around the intruder. The culturing process simply entails planting a "seed" within the mollusk, normally either a plastic bead or a small piece of shell, nature takes its course and another pearl is born. Our cultured freshwater pearls come in an ever growing variety of shapes, sizes and colors, so whatever your fashion preference you are sure to find the pearl to suit your needs. Ancient beliefs about the origin of the pearl include: moonlight filled dewdrops and Aphrodite's tears of joy. Although not technically a stone, pearl is one of June's birthstones. Currently, the International Commission of Colored Gemstones (CIBJO) recognizes only five organic (once living material) gemstones: Ammolite, amber, pearl, jet, and coral. Also be sure to check out our freshwater pearl mixtures and our flawlessly crafted glass pearls by Jablonex and crystal pearls by Swarovski.

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Clasp Fish Hook Filigree Nickel 7x21mm
Picture of FI150-LS, Clasp Fish Hook Filigree Nickel 7x21mm

6 SE $3.10 ($0.52 per SE)

12 SE $4.80 ($0.40 per SE)

48 SE $15.30 ($0.32 per SE)


Shape: Fish Hook Clasps
Size: 07x21mm
Color: Nickel
Finish: Metallic
Material: Nickel Plated Base Metal
Showroom Aisle: 27
Showroom Section: P

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Clasp Oval Fish Hook Filigree Gold 7x21mm
Picture of FI150-LG, Clasp Oval Fish Hook Filigree Gold 7x21mm

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8 SE $4.50 ($0.56 per SE)

36 SE $16.15 ($0.45 per SE)

72 SE $30.70 ($0.43 per SE)


Showroom Location
Aisle 27 Section P
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Crimp Bead Smooth Bright Silver 2mm Average
Picture of 1FI160-ST, Crimp Bead Smooth Bright Silver 2mm Average

72 PC $3.20 ($0.04 per PC)

144 PC $5.00 ($0.03 per PC)

432 PC $12.65 ($0.03 per PC)

720 PC $19.20 ($0.03 per PC)


Showroom Location
Aisle 26 Section I
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Earring Lever Back Silver Plate
Picture of FI535-ST, Earring Lever Back Silver Plate

12 PR $3.95 ($0.33 per PR)

24 PR $5.45 ($0.23 per PR)

72 PR $13.00 ($0.18 per PR)


Showroom Location
Aisle 28 Section S
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