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Amazonite's lustrously vibrant blue-green colors are believed to be caused by the presence of iron and or lead within the mineral. Ironically named after the Amazon River, no Amazonite has ever been found in the Amazon region. Most of the world's Amazonite can be found in the USA, Russia, Africa and Australia.

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Rose Quartz Coin 30mm
Picture of 30ST402-D2, Rose Quartz Coin 30mm

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13 PC $21.68 ($1.67 per PC) was $28.90

26 PC $41.25 ($1.59 per PC) was $55.00


Shape: Rose Quartz
Size: Discs Rings and Rondelles
Finish: 30mm
Material: Quartz
Description: In roman times, this rosy-pink stone was symbolic of love and reconciliation, and was often given as a gift of love. The pink tones of naturally occurring rose quartz are caused by iron and titanium. However, most rose quartz in the bead market is dyed to maintain a uniform color. Both natural and dyed rose quartz will fade in bright sunlight, so take care to avoid over exposure.
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Red Malachite Puff Coin 30mm
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14 PC $7.31 ($0.52 per PC) was $9.75

42 PC $21.04 ($0.50 per PC) was $28.05


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India All Mixed Up Small Pink
Picture of 1VE591, India All Mixed Up Small Pink

100 GM $2.81 ($0.03 per GM) was $3.75

200 GM $4.31 ($0.02 per GM) was $5.75

500 GM $9.00 ($0.02 per GM) was $12.00

1000 GM $15.34 ($0.02 per GM) was $20.45


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