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16-20 GramS

This widely popular gem is the fossilized resin or sap from coniferous trees that lived anywhere from 2 - 360 million years ago. The most interesting and valuable pieces of amber will contain inclusions of long extinct plant debris or small animals. Magical properties attributed to amber include cleansing, calming and protective effects. Currently the International Commission of Colored Gemstones (CIBJO) recognizes only five organic (once living material) gemstones: Ammolite, amber, pearl, jet, and coral.

Item Details:

Amber Undrilled Rough 16-20 Grams Each
Picture of AC999-B3, Amber Undrilled Rough 16-20 Grams Each

1 PC $36.45 ($36.45 per PC)

2 PC $64.75 ($32.38 per PC)


Shape: Undrilled Nuggets
Size: 16-20 GramS
Material: Amber
Description: These stunning treasures were individually hand selected by our buyers at the Tucson Gem Show! Each and every spectacular Tucson gem has been selected for quality, beauty and style. Many are VERY limited quantities, so get 'em while they're hot!
Showroom Aisle: 1
Showroom Section: C

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