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Green Amethyst

Green Amethyst or Prasiolite's cheerful spring green color is produced by heat treating pale lavender Amethyst. This stone is also marketed under names such as green quartz, or lime citrine. Green Amethyst is a sturdy gem, which makes it highly suitable for everyday wear. Green Amethyst is reputed to facilitate a connectedness of the spiritual and physical aspects of life. The name Prasiolite is also used for Lemon quartz as it too is another shade of heat treated Amethyst.

Item Details:

Green Amethyst Smooth Nuggets 6-12mm
Picture of 94ST414-G2, Green Amethyst Smooth Nuggets 6-12mm

1 EA $14.30 ($14.30 per EA)


Shape: Green Amethyst
Size: Nuggets
Finish: 06-12mm
Material: Amethyst
Made in: India
Description: Amethyst is an alluring and popular variety of quartz. Amethyst is graded upon its color depth and translucence. The deeper the purple the higher the grade. However, lighter amethyst still holds a degree of appeal, and looks fabulous with pastels. Very pale amethyst can be heat treated to create both green amethyst and citrine. Ametrine, a heat treated blend of citrine and amethyst has been gaining in popularity in recent years.
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