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Rhodonite is an opaque, rosy gemstone with veins of black dendrites. The combination of the rosy tones and dark dendrites makes this stone complimentary to many color combinations, from crisp spring tones to darker autumn tones. Rhodonite is sometimes known as the "singers stone" as it is thought to improve sensitivity to sound. This gemstone is mined in Brazil, Sweden, Australia, Canada, the USA.

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Rhodonite Chips 5x8mm Average 36 Inch Strand
Picture of 99ST494, Rhodonite Chips 5x8mm Average 36 Inch Strand

1 ST $2.99 ($2.99 per ST) was $3.99

2 ST $4.50 ($2.25 per ST) was $6.00

10 ST $18.75 ($1.88 per ST) was $25.00

20 ST $30.00 ($1.50 per ST) was $40.00


Shape: Chips
Size: Chips
Made in: China
Showroom Aisle: 2
Showroom Section: R

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