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Harness the beauty of nature with our great selection of Gemstone Beads! We offer a wide variety of gemstone beads including Black Onyx, Tiger Eye, and Amber. Choose from our high quality selection of radiantly faceted Garnet, Iolite and Amethyst. Our versatile selections of Agate, Hematite and Jasper are constantly growing. Our gemstone donuts look fantastic when turned into sophisticated pendants using Sterling Silver Bails!

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Black Onyx Donut 25mm
Picture of 73ST401, Black Onyx Donut 25mm

1 PC $3.84 ($3.84 per PC) was $4.80

2 PC $6.00 ($3.00 per PC) was $7.50

5 PC $12.00 ($2.40 per PC) was $15.00

10 PC $22.88 ($2.29 per PC) was $28.60


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Shape: Black Onyx
Size: Donuts
Finish: 25mm
Material: Black Onyx
Description: Onyx, a banded variety of the quartz family, is mined in Brazil, India, Madagascar, U.S.A and Uruguay. The only difference between onyx and other banded agates is that the stripes of onyx are even and uniform. Black Onyx's uniform black color is achieved by dyeing and or by heat treating. The name Onyx is a Greek word meaning claw or fingernail, as it was once believed that onyx was created from the goddess Venus's fingernail clippings. Onyx and Sardonyx are essentially the same stone: onyx will have a black base, and sardonyx has a brown base.
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Black Onyx Round 4mm 98 Piece Per Strand
Picture of 4ST401, Black Onyx Round 4mm 98 Piece Per Strand

1 ST $5.16 ($5.16 per ST) was $6.45

2 ST $8.32 ($4.16 per ST) was $10.40

5 ST $18.24 ($3.65 per ST) was $22.80

10 ST $34.72 ($3.47 per ST) was $43.40


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Aisle 2 Section P
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Hematite Donut 25mm
Picture of 73ST403, Hematite Donut 25mm

3 PC $2.92 ($0.97 per PC) was $3.65

6 PC $4.24 ($0.71 per PC) was $5.30

24 PC $14.76 ($0.61 per PC) was $18.45

48 PC $28.08 ($0.58 per PC) was $35.10


Showroom Location
Aisle 2 Section C
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