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Sterling Silver Gold Glitter Large Hole With Crystal 12x14mm
Picture of 75SS854-GL, Sterling Silver Gold Glitter Large Hole With Crystal 12x14mm

1 PC $12.95 ($12.95 per PC)

2 PC $22.60 ($11.30 per PC)

3 PC $27.75 ($9.25 per PC)


Shape: Caprice Beads
Size: Glitter Beads
Color: Gold
Finish: 12x14mm
Material: 0.925 Sterling Silver
Made in: Thailand
Description: These stunning show stoppers allow you to create designs similar to Pandora or Troll styles at a fraction of the price! Large hole beads such as this one are perfect for use with our caprice jewelry system bracelets and necklaces. The caprice jewelry system is just the ticket for high-end boutique styles with minimal cost and effort, and any woman would be delighted to receive a piece of jewelry utilizing this simplistically sophisticated design concept! Simply unscrew the clasp at the end of the bracelet, slide on your selected beads and then re-secure the clasp! Beads can be locked snugly in place with 8mm Smart beads.
Showroom Aisle: 1
Showroom Section: C

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Aisle 9 Section C
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