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02-03.5 Inch

Embrace the sensation of summer all year round with our great selection of shell beads and pendants. You can almost smell the ocean when wearing a choker of our dentillium and heishi beads. We have a fabulous selection of swirling iridescent abalone or luminous champagne colored mother of pearl. Complete your organic look by pairing our lovely shell beads with freshwater pearls or gemstone pendants. Shell beads also look especially fantastic with Swarovski crystal beads. As shell is a natural material please keep in mind that slight variations between each bead is to be expected.

Item Details:

Shell Dentalium Green 2-3.5 Inch Average
Picture of 56DT180, Shell Dentalium Green 2-3.5 Inch Average

1 PC $2.10 ($2.10 per PC)

2 PC $3.30 ($1.65 per PC)

12 PC $15.70 ($1.31 per PC)

36 PC $44.85 ($1.25 per PC)


Size: 02-03.5 Inch
Color: Greens
Material: Shell
Manufacturer # Dentalium Hexagonum
Description: Dentalium are small tusk shaped univalve mollusks. These little shells were used for adornment as well as money amongst Pacific coastal tribes. Most Dentalium available in today's bead and jewelry market is imported from Asia. This Asian Dentalium is more brittle than the Dentalium originally used by Native tribes.
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