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Soldering Made Simple
Picture of BK824, Soldering Made Simple

1 BK $21.95 ($21.95 per BK)


Shape: Soldering Made Simple
Manufacturer: Kalmbach
Manufacturer # ISBN: 0871164063
Description: Title: Soldering Made Simple- Easy Techniques for the Kitchen Table Jeweler
Author: Joe Silvera
Publisher: Kalmbach, 2010
At last- a guide for home jewelry makers Soldering Made Simple shows how you can make professional-quality jewelry right at home. The key to author Joe Silvera's approach is a handheld butane torch that is safe to use in any home or apartment. Joe demonstrates how this easy to use torch can solder nearly any small-scale jewelry project with success. Start small, making earrings and simple shapes, and progress to challenging constructions including a box clasp and rings. You'll be amazed at the jewelry you can make!
Part One: *Learn all about the tools and materials you'll need for a home setup *Read about and practice fundamental soldering techniques, from the basics of fueling to key skills such as pick-soldering *Review related metalworking techniques- drilling, polishing, using a jewelry's saw and more
Part Two: *Learn by doing as you make 12 charming jewelry projects *Create earrings, charms, rings, and a clasp *Get bonus information on bezel setting and ring sizing
Companion DVD also available!
Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Soft Cover
112 pages
8.5x11 inch

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