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Swarovski Xilion Ss20 Blue Shade Hotfix
Picture of 20RH516-W, Swarovski Xilion Ss20 Blue Shade Hotfix

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Shape: XILION or XIRIUS Hotfix Stones
Size: SS20 - 4.6-4.8mm
Color: Crystal Blue Shade
Finish: Crystal Effects
Material: Advanced Lead-Free Glass Crystal
Manufacturer: SWAROVSKI
Made in: Austria
Manufacturer # 2038
Description: SWAROVSKI Xilion Rose (art. 2038) Flat Back Hotfix Stone Upgrade. SWAROVSKI introduces an upgrade of article 2028 XILION flat back hot fix. The existing 2028 will be completely replaced by the new article 2038. The new silver mirror is unique in the Hotfix market and creates a warmer and brighter look with intensified and livelier colors. The Xilion facets are copyright protected and unique only to SWAROVSKI. Perfect cuts with alternating large and small facets result in more intense light reflection, and give the Xilion Rose incomparable brilliance.
Hot fix crystals work well with most absorbent fabrics. Leathers and plastics are not recommended. A simple water drop test will tell you whether your chosen material is compatible. Simply drop a bit of water onto the fabric; if the water is absorbed then you're good to go. If the water beads up, then the fabric will not absorb the glue. The unique glue of a SWAROVSKI Hot Fix stone allows the benefit of flexible range of application temperatures from 250°F to 340°F (120°C to 170°C). The temperature, application time, and pressure can be varied depending upon the material chosen. Always apply over a hard even surface. Ironing boards are not recommended. Do not use an iron with steam vents. Use a pad between the iron and the crystals. If using an application tool, select a tip to match the size of your crystal. Position crystal on carrier material, which should be resting on a solid base. Press the adapter firmly onto the crystal at a right angle to activate the device.
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