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You will fall in love with these beautiful hand made beads and charms. Each bead is hand crafted with exquisite precision and detail. Lampwork beads are created by heating a glass rod and winding it into the shape of the base bead, then intricate patterns and colors can be added to the bead with nearly limitless design possibilities. Early lampwork beads were created with the flame of an oil lamp, hence then name, but today are formed with torches.

The brilliant optical qualities of the dichroic lampwork beads came to us thanks to space age technology. NASA originally developed the unique process of stacking multiple layers of metal oxides and then fusing them with glass for satellite mirrors. The radiant spectrum of colors seen in these beads is a result of different wavelengths of light either passing through or reflecting off of various layers of metal oxides. Each bead is truly an individual work of art; continuously drawing the eye to resplendent colors as light shifts upon the bead. If you enjoy these lamp beads be sure to check out our Czech lamp beads by Jablonex, the World's foremost manufacturer of glass beads.

Item Details:

Mushroom Drop Mint With Blue Specks 11x24mm
Picture of MS130-11, Mushroom Drop Mint With Blue Specks 11x24mm

1 PC $3.50 ($3.50 per PC)

2 PC $5.45 ($2.73 per PC)

10 PC $21.75 ($2.17 per PC)

20 PC $41.45 ($2.07 per PC)


Shape: Mushrooms and Plants
Size: Mushrooms
Finish: Size not Stated
Material: Glass
Made in: China
Showroom Aisle: 10
Showroom Section: G

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