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With over 300 items to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect chain for all your of your jewelry designs. We have exactly what you are looking for in jewelry chain, whether you are making an intricate multi-strand crystal creation, using the chain with your favorite pendant, or making a high fashion belt with some of our larger chain. We offer a wide variety of high quality sterling silver chain at an incredible value. Pair the chain with one of our gemstone pendants for a professional quality necklace at an incredible price! Click here to learn about the safety of products that may fall under California's Proposition 65 lead warning.

Item Details:

Chain Multi Ring 15-22mm Gold
Picture of 01CX1854, Chain Multi Ring 15-22mm Gold

1 FT $12.79 ($12.79 per FT)

2 FT $23.16 ($11.58 per FT)

6 FT $57.28 ($9.55 per FT)


Shape: Gold Plated
Size: Multi Ring Chain
Color: Gold Plated
Finish: Metallic
Material: Electroplated Brass
Made in: Korea
Description: Ultra-high quality jewelry chain. Manufactured from hypoallergenic brass, utilizing the finest electroplating technology. Highly resistant to chips, tarnish, peeling and flaking. Not JUST for stringing pendants! Jewelry chain comes in oodles of fun, fabulous styles, some perfect for use as a basic neck chain, while others are so ornate that they beg to be made the center of attention! Attach dangles and crystals with matching jump rings, use as long earring dangles, incorporate into woven bracelet designs, use as accents on clothing and accessories, and more!
Chain is often pre-cut and not guaranteed to ship in one continuous length. If you have special footage requests please contact customer service.
Showroom Aisle: 27
Showroom Section: A

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Split Ring Gold 24mm
Picture of FI217-G, Split Ring Gold 24mm

50 PC $2.60 ($0.05 per PC)

100 PC $4.32 ($0.04 per PC)

400 PC $13.60 ($0.03 per PC)


Showroom Location
Aisle 28 Section W
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Jump Ring Satin Hamilton Gold 8mm 18 Gauge
Picture of FI208-HG, Jump Ring Satin Hamilton Gold 8mm 18 Gauge

7 GM $3.48 ($0.50 per GM)

14 GM $5.44 ($0.39 per GM)

42 GM $13.00 ($0.31 per GM)


Showroom Location
Aisle 28 Section V
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