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Glow in the Dark

Parachute cord AKA Paracord or Survival cord is a wildly popular nylon cord originally used for survival by paratroopers in World War II. This durable nylon cord is now wildly popular in jewelry making and  arts and crafts! It's used to create colorful bracelets, key chains, pet leads and more! Made in the USA, fusible, mildew resistant and available in over 20 colors!

Item Details:

Paracord 550 Glow In The Dark 4mm 25 Feet
Picture of 3CH550-14G, Paracord 550 Glow In The Dark 4mm 25 Feet

1 SP $11.25 ($11.25 per SP)

2 SP $19.65 ($9.82 per SP)


Shape: 550 Paracord
Color: Glow in the Dark
Material: Nylon
Made in: United States
Description: GLOW CORD! Off white cord glows bright green! Super durable 100% Nylon 550 Parachute cord measures up to 4mm thick and is tested to hold up to 550 lbs.!
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