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Christmas Projects- Rustic Beaded Christmas Ornaments

Fun family friendly beading project! Decorate preformed wire snowflake frames with Bone & Horn pipe beads, and finish with a little piece of garland. The larger holes of the pipe beads makes this a suitable project for all ages! *Just need an adult to loop the ends of the heavy steel wire frame. Watch a short demo video on our YouTube Channel.

Tips for finishing the ends of your snowflake

Leave about 1/3 of an inch of wire at the end of each spoke to create you loop.

Snowflake frame wire is very stiff! Use memory wire pliers or a good sturdy pair of looping pliers.

Grasp the very end of the wire near the base of the pliers.

*Grasping the end of the wire ensures perfectly round loops. *Placing the wire near the base of the pliers prevents damage to the tool.

If you find turning the wire with your pliers challenging, try rotating the wire around you pliers instead! It's a lot easier

If you don't wish to turn the ends, you could always just glue the last bead in place.

Shopping List:

Wire Snowflake Frames

Assorted Horn Pipe Beads

Assorted Round Horn Beads

Assorted Bone Pipe Beads

See our full selection of Bone & Horn Beads

Hemp Cord for securing garland

Memory Wire Pliers or a good pair of Looping Pliers

A small length of garland