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Design Idea - Crystal Coils Christmas Ornament

Personalize your clear Christmas Ornaments by filling them with coiled artistic wire, crystals, pearls, or fire polished beads. Turn up the BLING by affixing flat back stones using E6000 glue.

Get a "frosted look"

with Czech micro Beads, these itty bitty beadys don't have holes, they're best suited for using as a surface treatment or as a filler.


1MB112 White Micro Beads affixed with ->

TL407-MPQ Modge Podge

60XR212 Clear 60mm Ornament

RH999 2.5gm Chaton Mix affixed with ->

FI399 E6000 Adhesive

Bump up the Bling!


80XR212 80mm Clear Ornament

RH999 2.5 gm Chaton Mix

22CW854 Tarnish Resistant Brass Artistic Wire

Swarovski Scarabaeus Green Pearl

Swarovski Coral Red Pearl

FI399 E6000 Adhesive

Explore a broad range of color pallets


60XR212 60mm Ornament

22CW854 Tarnish Resistant Brass Artistic Wire

Purple Velvet Chatons

Crystal Rose Gold Chatons

Save some money by using a ready to use bead mix or substitute fire polished beads for crystals


Preciosa Crystal Mixture

Czech Fire Polished Beads:

4FC544 4mm Ruby AB

4FC210 4mm White Opal

4FC584 4mm Christmas Green AB

4FC854-F 4mm Full Coat Gold

22CW843 Metallic Red Artistic Wire

22CW854 Tarnish Resistant Brass Artistic Wire

Only want one?

Just Get the kit! XR212-KT