Recent content The lastest product information from Shipwreck Beads Beading Kits <a href="/catalog/Beads/Bead-Kits/"><img src="" alt="Bead Kits" width="130" border="0"></a><a href="/catalog/Beads/Bead-Kits/">Beading kits</a> make <b>great</b> gifts for all your favorite bead heads! We carry beading kits for all skill levels, whether they're just starting out, or an avid seed beader! We even carry <a href="/search/Christmas+Kits/">Christmas Kits</a>! Bracelet Basics <a href="/support/docs/videos" ><img src="" alt="Learn to make a beaded bracelet in minutes" width="120" height="90" border="0" ></a> Follow these quick and easy instructions to embark upon a lifetime of beaded bracelet bling! <a href="/support/docs/videos" >Click here to watch the video.</a> Alphabet Beads <a HREF="/search/alphabet/searchType/and/"><img src="/img/alphabet.jpg" alt="Alphabet beads!" width="100" height="100" border="0"></a>Spell out how much you love them with alphabet beads. Add that personal touch by spelling their name, spelling a message of love or by just hanging their initials around their necks. Choose from <a href="/search/Pressed+Alphabet/searchType/and/">Glass Alphabet Beads</a>, <a href="/search/Sterling+Letter/searchType/and/">Sterling Silver Letter Beads</a>, <a href="/search/Brass+Alphabet/searchType/and/">Brass Alphabet Charms</a> and <a href="/search/Pewter+Alphabet/searchType/and/">Pewter Alphabet Beads and Charms</a>. Video: Silk Macrame Earrings <a href="/support/docs/videos5" ><img src="" alt="Silk Macrame Earrings" width="120" height="90" border="0" ></a> Sherri Haab shows us a fresh, sophisticated take on macrame earrings. <a href="/support/docs/videos5" >Click here to watch the video.</a> Creating a Necklace <a href="/support/docs/videos" ><img src="" alt="Learn to create a simple necklace in minutes!" width="120" height="90" border="0"></a> Follow these quick and easy instructions to create fun fashionable necklaces! <a href="/support/docs/videos" >Click here to watch the video.</a> Video: Learn to Make a Talisman <a href="/support/docs/videos4" ><img src="" alt="Learn to make a Talisman" width="120" height="90" border="0" ></a> Combine your favorite purchased and found objects to create a piece that's uniquely yours! <a href="/support/docs/videos4" >Click here to watch the video.</a> Video: Linear Necklace Design <a href="/support/docs/videos2" ><img src="" alt="Linear Necklace Design" width="120" height="90" border="0" ></a> Multi-Media fiber artist Merry Hettmansperger explores linear dimensions using cold connection techniques<a href="/support/docs/videos2">.Click here to watch the video.</a> Shop Swarovski by Color <a href="/support/docs/swarovski_color_chart"><img src="/img/Swarovski-Elements.gif" alt="Create Your Style with Swarovski Elements" border="0"></a>Shopping for sensational SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS just got simpler! Shop all Swarovski shapes, styles and sizes in every one of these splendid shades! <a href="/support/docs/swarovski_color_chart">Click here!<br><img src="/img/CRright.gif" alt="Swarovski Beads and Pendants color selector" border="0"></a> Precious Metal Findings <A HREF="/catalog/Findings-and-Components/Precious-Metal/"><IMG src="/Images/1SS54.JPG" alt="Sterling Silver and Gold Filled Findings." border="0"></A>Be sure the quality of your findings reflects your jewelry creations. Our <A href="/catalog/Findings-and-Components/Precious-Metal/">precious metal findings</A> come in either <A href="/catalog/Findings-and-Components/Precious-Metal/Gold-Filled-Findings/">gold fill</A> or <A href="/catalog/Findings-and-Components/Precious-Metal/Sterling-Silver-Findings/">sterling silver</A>. They are quite affordable and will continue to look great for years to come. Wubbers Tools <A HREF="/catalog/Beading-Tools-and-Accessories/Beading-Tools/Jewelers-Pliers/Wubbers-Mandrel-Pliers/"><IMG width="200" height="215" src="" alt="Wubbers Pliers" border="0"></A> Childrens Books <A HREF="/catalog/Books-and-Videos/Beading-Books/Beginner/"><IMG width="72" height="100" src="/Images/BK328.JPG" alt="Childrens Step By Step Beading Books" border="0"></A> Kids love crafts and activities!! Why not get them a brand new book filled with easy to do beaded projects that will keep them entertained for hours on end!?! Swarovski Flowers <A HREF="/catalog/Beads/Swarovski-Crystal-Beads/Flower-Shapes"><IMG src="/Thumbs/71CR234.JPG" alt="Swarovski Flower Beads" border="0"></A>CREATE your STYLE&#8482; with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS <br><A href="/catalog/Beads/Swarovski-Crystal-Beads/Flower-Shapes">Swarovski Crystal Flower beads</A> are fantastically fun and versatile. They come in a great selection of vibrant colors to compliment any of your crystal creations. Swarovski Crystal Flowers look great with <A href="/catalog/Beads/Swarovski-Crystal-Beads/Butterflies/">Swarovski Crystal Butterflies</A>! Seed Beads <a href="/catalog/Beads/Seed-Beads/Rocaille-Seed-Beads/"><img src="/img/Preciosa-Beads.gif" border="0"></a>Preciosa Ornela rocaille seed beads are by far our most popular and versatile seed bead available. <a href="/catalog/Beads/Seed-Beads/Rocaille-Seed-Beads/">Preciosa Ornela rocaille seed beads</a> are of superior quality, machine cut, and are highly valued for their use in bead stringing, bead weaving, embroidery and much much more! Preciosa seed beads are proven to be of the upmost value, and demonstrate the highest level of shape consistency. Jasper Beads <img src="" alt="Jasper Beads" width="100" border="0">You'll jump for joy over our incredible <a href="/catalog/Beads/Gemstone-Beads/Jasper/">jasper </a>selection! Our selection of jasper beads is full of extravagantly patterned pieces in many different types, shapes and styles. Video: Multi Strand Necklace <a href="/support/docs/videos4" ><img src="" alt="Multi Strand Pearl Necklace" width="120" height="90" border="0" ></a> Shipwreck Beads' very own Carol Bauer takes us on an adventure into the realm of color. <a href="/support/docs/videos4" >Click here to watch the video.</a> Video: Fun and Funky Metal Ring <a href="/support/docs/videos3"><img src="" alt="Metal Ring" width="120" height="90" border="0" ></a> Join mixed media artist Susan Lenart Kazmer as she creates a fun and funky metal ring. <a href="/support/docs/videos3" >Click here to watch the video.</a> Hemp String &amp; Books <A HREF="/catalog/Stringing-Materials/Stringing-Materials/Twine-and-Hemp/Hemp-Twine/"><IMG width="96" height="53" src="/Images/10TH152-S.JPG" alt="Hemp Stringing Materials" border="0"></A> If you are purchasing any of our <A HREF="/catalog/Stringing-Materials/Stringing-Materials/Twine-and-Hemp/Hemp-Twine/">Hemp Twine</A>, you may want to check out our many <A HREF="/catalog/Books-and-Videos/Beading-Books/Macrame-and-Knotting/">Macrame Books</A>. We have over a dozen <A HREF="/catalog/Books-and-Videos/Beading-Books/Macrame-and-Knotting/">Books</A> full of fun projects!! Crimp Beads <A HREF="/catalog/Findings-and-Components/Findings/Crimps-and-Ending-Tubes/Crimps/"><IMG width="96" height="38" src="/Images/FI160-ST.JPG" alt="Crimp Beads, Tubes, Sterling Crimps, Tubes... and More!" border="0"></A> Finish off your project with our <A HREF="/catalog/Findings-and-Components/Findings/Crimps-and-Ending-Tubes/Crimps/">Crimp Beads</A>! Crimps make sure your string is finished off tight and secure. We offer <A HREF="/search/crimp+tube+sterling">Sterling Crimps</A> and <A HREF="/catalog/Findings/Crimps">Metal Crimps</A>. Don't forget to check out our Crimping Pliers too!! Rocaille Seed Beads <A HREF="/catalog/Beads/Seed-Beads/Rocaille-Seed-Beads/"><IMG src="/Images/6SB396-T.JPG" alt="Seed Beads" border="0"></A> Looking for the perfect embellishment for your next project? We carry over 2,500 different colors, shapes and sizes in our <A HREF="/catalog/Beads/Seed-Beads/Rocaille-Seed-Beads/">seed bead</A> selection. Video: Byzantine Chain Bracelet <a href="/support/docs/videos3" ><img src="" alt="Byzantine Chain Bracelet" width="120" height="90" border="0" ></a>Chain artist Scott David Plumlee skillfully instructs us how to craft a Byzantine or King's braid chain from sterling silver wire. <a href="/support/docs/videos3" >Click here to watch the video.</a> Ribbon Necklaces <img src="" alt="Ribbon Necklaces" width="100" border="0">Quickly and easily transform your favorite pendant into an alluringly feminine necklace with one of our <a href="/search/Ribbon+Necklace/searchType/and/">ribbon necklaces.</a> The necklaces are already to wear so just slip on your pendant and go! Bone Pendants <img src="" alt="Bone Pendants and Charms" width="100" border="0">Check out our <a href="/catalog/Pendants-and-Charms/Bone-and-Horn/">bone pendants</a>. They look great when strung on natural materials such as leather or hemp and are come in lots of hip trendy shapes like fishhooks and yin yangs. Beaded Bags <A HREF="/catalog/Books-and-Videos/Beading-Books/Beaded-Bags/"><IMG width="72" height="100" src="/Images/BK524.JPG" alt="Beaded Bags, Fringe, and More!" border="0"></A> Making <A HREF="/catalog/Books-and-Videos/Beading-Books/Beaded-Bags/">Beaded Bags</A> can be and exciting project for any skilled beader. Different styles you can choose from include; <A HREF="/search/amulet">Amulet Bags</A>, <A HREF="/search/bead+bag">Beaded Bags</A>, <A HREF="/search/crochet">Crochet Bags</A> and <A HREF="/search/knitted+bag">Knitted Bags</A> and More! Bead Stitching Books <A HREF="/catalog/Books-and-Videos/Beading-Books/Stitches/"><div align="center"><IMG width="72" height="100" src="/Images/BK609-05.JPG" alt="Stitch Books, Including Peyote Stitch, Cheyenne Stitch, Right Angle Stitch and More!" border="0"></A></div> <div align="center">With over 50 titles devoted just to the different stitches used in beadwork, Shipwreck Beads has the books you need. From <A HREF="/search/peyote">Peyote Stitch</A>, <A HREF="/search/cheyenne">Cheyenne Stitch</A>, <A HREF="/search/right+angle">Right Angle Stitch</A> and much more! These books will keep you beading for hours on end!</div> Step-By-Step Books <A HREF="/catalog/Books-and-Videos/Beading-Books/Beginner/"><IMG width="76" height="100" src="/Images/BK121.JPG" alt="Step By Step Beading Books and More!" border="0"></A> New to beading? Check out our selection of <A HREF="/catalog/Books-and-Videos/Beading-Books/Beginner/">Beginner Beading Books</A>. These books are chalked full of tips and tricks that will have you on your way in no time. Video: Organic Designs <a href="/support/docs/videos4" ><img src="" alt="Organic Designs" width="120" height="90" border="0" ></a> Multi-Media fiber artist Merry Hettmansperger combines organics with metallics to create a visually striking choker. <a href="/support/docs/videos4" >Click here to watch the video.</a> Czech Druks <a href="/catalog/Beads/Pressed-Beads/Druks-and-Rounds/Druks/"><img src="/Images/3RD525.JPG" alt="Czech Druk or Round Beads" width="96" height="53" border="0"></a><a href="/catalog/Beads/Pressed-Beads/Druks-and-Rounds/Druks/">Czech druk beads</a> are round pressed glass treasures manufactured in the age old Czech tradition by Jablonex, the World's top name in glass beads. Druk beads are consistently uniform in shape and size, and are available in nearly innumerable finish and color combinations. Druk beads are widely used in numerous jewelry designs, and are the perfect combination of quality and economy. These popular and versatile Czech glass beads are hand made in small batches, so some slight color variance is to be expected from batch to batch and size to size. Findings and Components <a href="/catalog/Findings-and-Components/Findings/"><img src="" alt="Findings and Components" width="140" border="0"></a>They may not be as bright and colorful as all those new beads in your shopping cart, but don't forget all those <a href="/catalog/Findings-and-Components/Findings/">findings, </a>like <a href="/catalog/Findings-and-Components/Findings/Crimps-and-Ending-Tubes/">crimps</a> and <a href="/catalog/Findings-and-Components/Findings/Head-and-Eye-Pins/">headpins</a> essential to completing your project! Also, don't miss our gorgeous selection of radiant <a href="/catalog/Findings-and-Components/Swarovski-Crystal-Beads/Swarovski-Crystal-Findings/Headpins/">Swarovski crystal headpins</a> and high quality <a href="/catalog/Findings-and-Components/Precious-Metal/">precious metal</a> findings. Vintaj Components <a HREF="/catalog/Findings-and-Components/Vintaj-Components/" ><img src="" alt="Vintaj Components" border="0"></a> Video: Asymetrical Necklace Design <a href="/support/docs/videos2" ><img src="" alt="Asymetrical Beaded Necklace" width="120" height="90" border="0" ></a> Debba Haupert explains how balance can be found in the asymmetrical. <a href="/support/docs/videos2" >Click here to watch the video.</a> Bugle Beads <a href="/catalog/Beads/Seed-Beads/"><img src="/img/categoryHeadings/Seed_Beads_Bugle_Beads.jpg" alt="Bugle Beads" width="131" height="133" border="0"></a>Check out our unbeatable selection of <a href="/catalog/Beads/Seed-Beads/">Czech seed and bugle beads</a> from Jablonex! Seed beads are vastly popular and versatile, and crucial in nearly every form of bead work. Our Czech seed beads are manufactured in centuries old Bohemian tradition and offer the broadest range of style, size, color, and finishes. New Bead Loom <a HREF="/search/FI419-RV" target="blank"><img src="" alt="Ricks Beading Loom" border="0"></a> Bead Mixtures <a href="/catalog/Beads/Mixtures/"><img src="/Images/6RC9003.JPG" alt="Bead Mixtures" width="96" height="96" border="0"></a>Mix it up with our huge selection of <a href="/catalog/Beads/Mixtures/">bead mixtures</a>! Bead mixtures are a fun and fantastic way to get a good variety if coordinated beads in one cost effective purchase. Bead mixtures come in delightfully complimentary colors, shapes, styles, and sizes. Some of our most popular mixtures are <a href="/catalog/Beads/Mixtures/India-Mixtures/">India bead</a> mixtures, <a href="/catalog/Beads/Mixtures/Fire-Polished-Mixtures/">fire polished bead</a> mixtures, and <a href="/catalog/Beads/Mixtures/Plastic-Bead-Mixtures/">plastic bead</a> mixtures. Plastic Pony Beads <a href="/catalog/Beads/Plastic-Beads/"><img src="" alt="Plastic Pony Beads" width="128" height="131" border="0"></a><a href="/catalog/Beads/Plastic-Beads/">Plastic Pony Beads</a> are wildly popular. They are perfect for children's and family projects and come in tons of great colors! Check out our <a href="/catalog/Beads/Mixtures/Plastic-Bead-Mixtures/Pony-Beads/">Plastic Pony Bead Mixtures</a> for even more brightly colored fun for all ages! Wood Pendants <img src="" alt="Wood Pendants" width="100" border="0">Precision laser technology engraves these gorgeous <a href="/catalog/Pendants-and-Charms/Wood/">wooden focal components</a> with unbeatable accuracy. These lovely intricate pieces are surprisingly lightweight making them ideal for both necklace and earring components! Swarovski Diamonds <a HREF="/catalog/Beads/Swarovski-Crystal-Beads/Diamonds-and-Bicones/"><img src="" alt="Swarovski Diamond Cut Beads" border="0"></a>CREATE your STYLE&#8482; with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Add a touch of fiery sophistication to any beading project with our great selection of <a href="/catalog/Beads/Swarovski-Crystal-Beads/Diamonds-and-Bicones/">Swarovski Diamond Shape Crystal Beads </a>. These genuine Swarovski crystals are of the utmost quality and shimmer like diamonds! We have hundreds of Swarovski diamonds in a glittering range of sizes, finishes and colors! JBB International <a href="/catalog/Findings-and-Components/JBB-International/"><img src="/img/jbb-findings.gif" alt="JBB Top Quality Beads and Findings" border="0"></a><p>JBB International is a major manufacturer of superior Sterling Silver, Brass, Copper and Pewter cast <a href="/catalog/Beads/JBB-International/">beads</a>, findings and <a href="/catalog/Pendants-and-Charms/JBB-International/">charms</a>. JBB International <a href="/catalog/Findings-and-Components/JBB-International/">Findings</a> are well known for their quality, design innovation and consistency. It's easy to satisfy nearly all your jewelry findings needs with JBB whether you're searching for high end Sterling silver items or more affordable plated pewter alternatives!</p> Video: Silk Macrame Bracelet <a href="/support/docs/videos2" ><img src="" alt="Learn to make a beaded bracelet in minutes" width="120" height="90" border="0" ></a> Sherri Haab shows us a new spin on silk macrame jewelry. <a href="/support/docs/videos2" >Click here to watch the video.</a> Video: Working with Neutral Colors <a href="/support/docs/videos3" ><img src="" alt="Neutral Colors" width="120" height="90" border="0" ></a> Debba Haupert tells us why &quot;Brown is the new Black&quot;!<a href="/support/docs/videos3"> Click here to watch the video.</a> Crystal Accented Pewter Toggles <img src="" alt="Swarovski accented toggle clasps" width="100" border="0">These captivating <a href="/catalog/Findings-and-Components/Clasps/Pewter-Clasps/Swarovski-Crystal-Accented-Toggle-Clasps/">toggles </a>are accented with genuine Swarovski crystals! Certainly not designed to be worn at the back of your necklace, these enticing show stoppers are perfect for both bracelets and for necklaces featuring the toggle as the focal component of the design.