Type Code Subcategory
AB Abalone shell pendants, charms and beads.
BB Bugle Beads. Straight and rounded bugle beads.
BF Czech pressed glass twisted rectangle beads.
BG Assorted Lot Beads
BK Instructional and reference books covering a wide range of topics. Topics include basic bead stringing, loomwork, amulet bags, jewelry design, macrame and dozens others.
BL Dancing Bells
BL Jingle Bells
BN Bone
BT Bugle Beads
BU Butterflies
CA Rondells/Discs
CC Czech Republic
CD Stringing Materials
CD Chinese Cut Crystal
CD Chinese Daisy Beads
CE Satin With Two 3-Petal Flowers With Bubble Centers
CF Satin With Flower
CG Satin With Two Flowers And Golddust
CH Stringing Materials
CH Stringing Materials
CH Stringing Materials
CH Stringing Materials
CI Chinese Sputnik Eye Beads
CI Jewelry
CI Other Special Beads
CI Porcelain Cloisonne' Look
CL Cloisonne'
CL Porcelain Cloisonne' Look
CM Assorted Lot Beads
CN Wood
CP Pony Beads
CP Painted Inside
CR Swarovski (Austrian)
CW Stringing Materials
CX Stringing Materials
CZ Charms
CZ Crosses
CZ Crosses With Rhinestones
CZ Crucifix
CZ Other Lamp Beads
CZ Pendants/Charms
CZ Other Misc Beads
CZ Assorted Styles
DC Dichroic Glass
DD Rondells/Discs
DF Other Lamp Beads
DF Assorted Lot Beads
DF Rondells/Discs
DI Dice Shaped
DO Oval Shapes
DP Drop Shapes
DS Assorted Lot Beads
DS Fan Shaped
DS Rondells/Discs
DT Shell
DT Assorted Lot Beads
DW Rondells/Discs
EC English Cut Type Facet
FA Global Faceted
FB Tube Or Cylinder Or Rectangle
FC Bi-Cone Shapes
FC Disc Shapes
FC Drop Shapes
FC Oval Shapes
FC Round Shape
FC Saturn Beads
FD Three Flower Cluster
FD Two Tone With Golddust Band
FD Assorted Lot Beads
FF Sterling Foil With Flower
FG Rose And Golddust Swirl On Transparent Bead
FH Fish Shaped
FI Accessories
FI Needles
FI Storage Products
FI Stringing Materials
FI Rosary Centers
FI Bead Caps
FI Clasps
FI Cones
FI Earring Parts
FI Other Findings
FI Pins
FI Precious Metal
FI Precious Metal
FL Flower Shapes
FM Chevron Flowers On Tube
FN Assorted Lot Beads
FO Fiber Optic
FP Shell
FR Feathered Golddust Round
FS Floral Sputnik with Dot Flower And Golddust
FT Transparent With Golddust Feathering
FX Window Beads
GB Barrel Oval Shapes
GC Cats Eye With Golddust
GC Dichroic Swirl Cats Eye
GF Gold Foil Lined
GP Cultura Pearls
GS Golddust Swirl
GS Two Tone With Golddust
GS Saturn Beads
GT Two Tone With Golddust
GX Grape Bunches
HM Half Moon Shape
HP Bone
HR Bone
HT Heart Shapes
IC From India
IC Mixtures
IN From India
IN Mixtures
IP Bone
KC Animal Shaped
KR Kernel Shaped
LA Latticcino With Bow
LB Ladybug Shape
LB Semi Precious Gemstones
LB Alphabet Beads
LC Stringing Materials
LC Stringing Materials
LC Leather Spacers
LC Bone
LF Leaf Shapes
LP Pressed Bead Mixture
LT Other Misc Beads
LT Assorted Lot Beads
MA Metallic Discs And Rondells
ME Watch Parts
ME Assorted Shapes
MH Metal Hoops
MN Pastel Colorlined Swirl Melon
MN Melon Shaped Lot Beads
MP Shell
MR Basic Rounds
MR Precious Metal
MS Accessories
MS Purse Clasps
MS Other Findings
MS Lampshade Frames
MS Other Misc Beads
MS Feathers
MS Other Misc Beads
MT Macco Tubes
MW Stringing Materials
MX Miracle Beads
NB Nub Shaped Lot Beads
NC Catalog
NP Other Misc Beads
NT Nuts
OF Flat Oval Shapes
OT Assorted Lot Beads
OV4 Sterling Silver Foil Lined
OV Oval Shapes
PA Oval Shapes
PB Metallic Rosebud Beads
PB Pony Bead Shapes
PC Cartwheels Or Snowflakes
PD Faceted Rondells
PF Round Faceted Beads
PG Jewelry
PG Plastic Beads Mixture
PG Chinese Faceted Glass
PH Plastic Hare Pipe
PL Assorted Styles
PO Plastic Ovals
PP Spaghetti Beads
PR Craft Pearls
PR Smooth Round Beads
PS Pony Bead Shapes
PT Tri-Beads
PW Pewter Beads
PW Pewter Pendants and Charms
PW Pewter With Glass
QS Satin With Golddust Squares
RB Oval Shapes
RC Stringing Materials
RC Roller/Crow
RD Assorted Styles (color#s are 400s)
RD Sterling Foil Multi Color Checkered
RD Smooth Round
RD Window Beads
RF Floating Rose
RF Tube Or Cylinder Or Rectangle
RG Other Lamp Beads
RI Glass Rings
RL Rondells/Discs
RP Paula Radke Art Glass
RS Rosary Centers
RS Color Lined w/Copper Thread
RS Raised Swirl Drops
RS Tube with Raised Spiral
RS Si Roses
RT Stringing Materials
SA Rondells/Discs
SB Drop Shape Seed Beads
SB Rocaille
SB*-C Charlotte Cuts And True Cuts
SC 3-Cut and 2-Cuts
SD Assorted Lot Beads
SD Delica Beads
SE Unica Beads
SF Stringing Materials
SG Melon With Golddust Band
SG Window Beads
SH Shell
SH Wood
SL Stringing Materials
SL Silver Foil Lined with Floral Ends
SL Sterling Silver Foil Lined
SM Rocaille
SN Square Snake Beads
SO Oval Shapes
SP Oval Shapes
SP Rondells/Discs
SQ Cube Shaped
SR Star Shaped
SS Precious Metal
SS Precious Metal
ST Semi Precious Gemstones
ST Shell
ST Other Special Beads
TF Feathered Tube
TH Stringing Materials
TI Flat Triangles
TM Stringing Materials
TN Stringing Materials
TN Stringing Materials
TO Oval Shapes
TQ Tube Or Cylinder Or Rectangle
TS Stringing Materials
TT Turtle Shaped
TU Tube Or Cylinder Or Rectangle
VB Belt Buckle Blanks
VE Mixtures
VF Drizzled Glass Over Silver Foil
VI Videos
VN Peruvian Ceramic
VT Tube Or Cylinder Or Rectangle
WB Wood
WC Wood
WD Wood
WF Wood
WO Wood
WO Wood
WR Wood
WT Wood
WV Assorted Lot Beads
ZE Two Tone Zebra Striped

Vintaj Components

Vintaj Components

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Preciosa Ornela rocaille seed beads are by far our most popular and versatile seed bead available. Preciosa Ornela rocaille seed beads are of superior quality, machine cut, and are highly valued for their use in bead stringing, bead weaving, embroidery and much much more! Preciosa seed beads are proven to be of the upmost value, and demonstrate the highest level of shape consistency.

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