Beadalon - Artistic Wire

Beadalon® is one of our favorite brands! They manufacture a wide range of high-quality essential jewelry making supplies including bead stringing wire (cable), wire, cords and stringing materials, and tools.
Cords & Stringing:
Find the most popular cords and stringing items for your next project, including natural, synthetic, stretchy, and more!
Choose from a wide range of pliers, cutters, wire working tools, knotting tools, and much more!
Choose from a wide selection of stylish, strong, and easy to use findings. Select from a variety of colors and metals.
We offer a focused line of beading basics, including the very highest quality Artistic Wire and Bead Stringing Wires!

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FI458-BH: Beadalon Hole Punch Pliers 1.8mm 1 Piece

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FI436-KB: Beadalon Knot-a-bead Knotter Tool 1 Piece

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