Diamonds and Bicones

As a primary distributor of Preciosa® Traditional Czech Beads we are able to offer our customers an unbeatable selection of Czech glass beads at unbelievable prices! These versatile pressed glass beads are manufactured in the Bohemian tradition to meet the highest quality and consistency standards.
Czech glass beads exhibit superior quality, outstanding uniformity, and exceptional breadth of assortment, making them the perfect choice for any beading project!
Slight color variations due to natural properties of glass cannot be avoided.
Small Beads should be kept away from small children (danger of swallowing and/or inhalation).

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72SA296-M: Czech Saucer Light Amethyst Matte 4x6mm - 1200 Pieces
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72SA298R: Czech Saucer Amethyst 4x6mm - - 100 Piece Pack
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