Since the early 1990's, Soft Flex Company has been synonymous with excellence. Soft Flex Company uses the best quality materials to make the best wire, all while maintaining the best customer service experience.
Soft Flex Beading Wire is known world-wide as a superior beading wire. It is created by beaders for beaders. The quality of raw materials used, coupled with our special manufacturing formula, has created an amazing product. Compared to other brands, Soft Flex Beading Wire is often the strongest and most flexible beading wire available. This wire is kink-resistant. It is flexible and strong enough to be tied into a knot - it will not work harden or lose any strength where knotted. Our original line comes in three diameters: .014, .019, and .024. We also have a rainbow of colors. Don't be afraid to expose your wire, choose a color that will make a great accent and show it! Our colors make wonderful illusion style jewelry and they also look wonderful in a translucent gemstone - our pink wire looks amazing inside Rose Quartz!

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