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YouTube Projects: Nutcracker Christmas Earrings

Watch Susan make yet another ridiculously adorable pair of Christmas Earrings with step-by-step instructions. Find even more design ideas on our YouTube Channel!

Shop Supplies:

57DP109 Czech Pips Black - 4 Pieces

45FR273-D Czech Bell Drop Blue - 2 Pieces

6RL109 Czech 6mm Smooth Rondelle Black - 2 Pieces

6IN145 6mm Tile Bead Red - 2 Pieces

ME5403-S Zinc Daisy Spacer - 2 Pieces

10RD212-M Czech 10mm Frosted Round OR 10ST410-G 10mm Golden Obsidian - 2 Pieces

8RL109 Czech 8mm Smooth Rondelle Black - 2 Pieces

31ST458-A 6x9mm Black Agate Oval - 2 Pieces

4RD278 Czech 4mm Round Blue - 2 Pieces

10SB109 Czech 10/0 Seed Bead Black - 2 Pieces

FI62-S 3” Headpin silver - 2 Pieces

Earwires of you choice - 1 Pair

Tools needed:

Wire cutters

Chain Nose Pliers

Round Nose Pliers