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  • AB990-2: Abalone Bubble Bead 40-65mm - 1 Piece

AB990-2: Abalone Bubble Bead 40-65mm - 1 Piece

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Abalone AKA Paua Shell is one of the ocean's most radiant gems. Paua is a particularly stunning species of Abalone (Haliotis iris) found along the coast of New Zealand. Abalone shells are dark and dull on the outer surface, but the inside nacre displays a miraculous play of light and color. The hypnotically undulating colors within the shell exhibit an iridescent shimmer comparable to opal. These Abalone shell beads are coated in a protective lacquer that also enhances the sheen of the bead. The color and pattern of each Abalone is totally unique and will vary between bead to bead.
Abalone or Paua Shell